Had enough of article on GCD and Queue management; let’s not dive into codes but let us summarise all about threads in iOS.

As said Threading happens inside the processor to prioritise things in our application. Depending on the processor the number of threads are allocated to a particular process. A single core processor will consist of a single thread having its own section of physical memory associated with it performing context switching over task. Depending upon the core; a process can have one or more threads (Multithreaded — uses Concurrency & Parrallelism).

Wait a minute! … What is a process?

Process is your application running in active…

Detect Jail break device| iOS| Avoid Attackers to intrude in your application by all means possible in a single page| Supported to Swift (world first Protocol Oriented Language 🤘)

There are many ways to bypass the JailBreak implementation namely Liberty- Lite, A- Bypass, KernByPass (kernel level root change using MTerminal) from the Cydia Directory

But, we will detect it by all means possible and successfully pass our security check list for our application.

Github Link:- https://github.com/SachinSabat/CheckJailBreakDevice

Why JailBreak a device?

— Attackers JailBreak a device to get unrestricted access (root privileges)of the application, making it accessible to source code, and crucial files of the application. All the application downloaded from the app store is downloaded in /var/mobile/Applications/directory.

So in JailBreak Device there is…

Add float button in your project | Supported to Swift (world first Protocol Oriented Language 🤘)

In this article, we are going to implement a light weight Float Button in iOS XCode using FloatingButtonPOP-swift with Protocol Oriented features.

Why FloatingButtonPOP-swift over other framework?

Basically, other float buttons are created using images, views and buttons, whereas, FloatingButtonPOP-swift uses only Protocol Oriented way in which it does not add load on view hierarchy and runtime memory as well as one can add name to the base button.

Steps to implement FloatingButtonPOP-swift:

  1. Create a new project in XCode.
  2. Add FloatingButtonPOP-swift in your project.
  3. Prepare FloatingButtonPOP-swift in ViewController.
  4. Done

— Time to use…

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iOS Developer @TCS | Swift

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